The Indian market, which will be the center of the world’s manufacturing industry, There is KOREA HVAC at the center

India’s economy is soaring due to the world’s largest population of 1.4 billion, a young country with a median age of 29, global manufacturing de-Chineseization, and Make in India government-led manufacturing innovation
“HVAC KOREA in India” introduces Korea’s cooperative companies that are recognized for their technical status in the global market as an export-intensive industry in the Indian market that the world is paying attention to.HVAC KOREA in India, the first of its kind at IICC, the largest exhibition hall in Southwest Asia! Preoccupy India, which will be the center of the world’s manufacturing industry!


Air conditioning equipment for heating and cooling

Air conditioning equipment, ventilation equipment, total heat exchanger, refrigeration equipment, heating equipment, heat pump


Fire fighting equipment

Fire fighting automation equipment, fire fighting equipment, fire fighting construction, security system, industrial safety, seismic materials



Water treatment, tanks, pumps, fumes


Special equipment

Clean room, medical equipment



Piping, valves, sound insulation and dustproofing, damper, insulation, heating wire



Renewable energy, building energy, cogeneration, ice storage system, fuel cell


Sanitary facilities

Sanitary pottery, bathtub and water faucet, accessories, kitchen equipment


Specialized field

TAB, Dry AD, Gas Facilities, Septic tanks, Design, Year, Automatic Control, Elevator and Parking Facilities

Development of India’s manufacturing industry and economic growth
  • Indian Government’s Manufacturing Promotion Policy ‘Make in India’ Initiative
  • Firms around the world can set up factories in India to foster India as a manufacturing hub
  • India’s manufacturing sector is expected to grow sixfold by 2050, creating $1 trillion, 90 million jobs
India’s Construction Market Growth and Increasing Demand for HVAC
  • India’s economic growth leads to income growth and middle class expansion, and rapid growth in the construction market, as well as aviation, ports and shipbuilding, healthcare, tourism and hotels, pharmaceuticals, and building automatic control system markets
  • Increasing demand for HVAC in residential spaces, hotels, offices, entertainment facilities, etc
India HVAC Market Outlook and Opportunities
  • The International Energy Agency predicts that India will become the world’s largest market for cooperation by 2050 in terms of climate conditions and population size.
  • India’s HVAC Market Will Increase Productivity With Power Grid Expansion and Indoor Environment Improvement, Market Potential Will Be Higher
  • Korea’s refrigeration air conditioning industry recorded 13 trillion won in production and $4.7 billion in exports as of last year, leading the global market as an export-intensive industry
  • Understanding the current status of India’s refrigeration air conditioning industry and opportunities for Korean companies to enter India and global markets