Korea Smart Tech and Gaming Expo in India 2024
Korea Smart Tech in India 2024

Under the ‘Digital India’ policy, India Information is promoting businesses such as smart cities and digital infrastructure including broadband 5G connectivity.The smart technology market is revitalizing due to the improvement of India’s governmental online infrastructure. In particular, in the case of the VR/AR market, the smart technology market is expected to grow by about 38% per year by 2027 due to the increase in use in various fields such as gaming, education, and medical care.

Korea Smart Tech Expo in India 2024 is a business platform that brings together stakeholders of the smart tech and game industries not only in India but also in South West Asia. It is an exhibition to help Korean companies, a powerhouse in the smart tech and game industries, explore export markets and advance overseas.

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Smart Tech

AI, IoT, robots, big data, edutech, etc


XR/ Metaverse

Metaverse platform, digital twin, XR, hologram production technology and devices, etc


Media/Content Tech

Video, sound production equipment, CG/DIGITAL production equipment, etc



Blockchain, NFT content, digital art, etc

Korea Smart Tech & Gaming Expo In INDIA
Smart Tech

India’s Internet of Things (IoT) market is expected to reach $9.28 billion by 2025. For smart tech businesses such as the IoT market, it is important to build digital infrastructure such as broadband 5G that will transmit data, and India is undergoing a digital infrastructure construction project under the government’s $1 trillion investment.

In the smart home appliance market, it is expected to grow nearly three times compared to 2020 to 42.2 billion by 2025. Through this exhibition, companies in Korea, a smart technology powerhouse, can be provided with the opportunity to explore the export market through meetings with Indian buyers.