KOREA BUILD in India 2024
India, an emerging growth country!
The world’s wealth now heads to India.

Korea Build is preparing to take off as an Asia TOP Construction and Architecture Exhibition beyond Korea, and ‘KOREA BUILD in INDIA 2024’ is the beginning!

India is a global hub adjacent to Africa, the Middle East, and ASEAN due to its huge market potential as well as its geopolitical location.

We actively support One Team Korea’s overseas expansion and export market development.


Structural / Exterior material

Bricks, wood, metal, staco, siding, concrete, tile, construction materials, structural reinforcement, etc



Insulation, external insulation systems, insulation panels, etc



Shades/window, doors, glass, shading, shutters, hardware, handrails/handrails, etc


Paint/waterproofing material

Paint, waterproofing, coating, adhesive, sealant, etc


Building Tools / Related Devices

Tools, measuring instruments, safety equipment, related equipment, etc


Construction technology/Equipment

Construction heavy equipment, Heavy equipment control, Transport/Transport machinery


interior material

Tiles, wallpaper, floors, panels/boards, ceiling, molding, partitions, flooring, etc



Lighting, landscape lighting, etc



Sanitary pottery, bathtub, faucet, shower, bathroom ceiling material, sanitary appliance, accessories, cubicles, bidets, drains, etc



Sink, kitchen furniture, kitchen appliances, etc


Digital construction technology

BIM, Digital Twin, AR/XR, Construction Drone, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, IoT, 3D Printing, etc


Smart Home & Network

Home network and security systems, solutions, etc

Targeted to achieve $50 billion in overseas construction orders per year by 2027 and grow to become the fourth largest country in the global construction market share!
  • With the launch of ‘One Team Korea’, we support active entry into companies in overseas construction orders
  • Overseas construction orders approximately $21.9 billion by August, ‘green light’ to surpass $35 billion target for this year
  • The Korea International Trade Association actively resolved trade difficulties by “expanding public-private contacts between Korea and India.”
PM Modi Declares to Host 2036 Summer Olympics… PM Modi’s “Long Dream of 1.4 Billion Indian People“
  • 7% Annual Economic Growth To 2031; Infrastructure Expansion; $1.334 trillion Investment
  • Infrastructure Improvements in Urbanization
India’s construction infrastructure market size is expected to grow 5.8% Y/Y, 7.0% on average over the long term as COVID-19 situation improves and construction projects resume by government infrastructure revival policy
As India’s urban migration accelerated, Prime Minister Modi announced a smart city construction plan aimed at improving economic growth and the quality of life for the people.
  • Plans to build smart cities in 100 cities across India by 2022 (as of March 2023, 7,742 projects confirmed, 2,740 underway)
  • Accelerate the use of digital construction technologies such as BIM and digital twin to carry out smart city projects
  • Promising Export of Environmentally Friendly Building Equipment (KOTRA)
As the Indian government’s carbon neutrality policy is strengthened, interest in green buildings has increased significantly, and eco-friendly building equipment exports are expected to be promising in the future
Key items : Smart technology/solution, green insulation window panel, high efficiency LED lighting, high efficiency insulation, green piping line, heating/ventilation/air purification system, etc