Pre-registration guide
If you pre-register with KoINDEX, you can also attend the ‘India Industry Expo’ a co-locating exhibition for free.
STEP 1.Terms and conditions agreement
Check the terms and conditions
STEP 2. Enter information
Enter pre-registrant information, respond to simple questionnaire
STEP 3. Pre-registration completed
Pre-registration completed
  • Only those who have pre-registered can enter.
  • If you pre-register, you can send a free invitation to your acquaintance to invite your friend.
  • Entrance barcodes will be sent to your phone before the opening. (개막 전날 혹은 개막일 오전)
  • Pre-registrants who have not received an entry barcode can enter after checking their name and mobile phone number at the site.
  • Please contact the secretariat for group registration.(02-6121-6418)