Korea Food & Tech Expo in INDIA

Korea Food & Tech Expo in India 2024

India, the world’s No. 1 country, with 1.4 billion people, is a promising market where demand for food/food equipment/food processing is expected to grow significantly. India’s food market accounts for 31% of the total consumer goods market and is one of the largest industries in India, accounting for the world’s sixth largest market size as of 2020.

Korea Food & Tech Expo in India 2024 is a business platform that brings together food industry stakeholders from India as well as Southwest Asia, and works with several local Indian partners to provide an optimal business experience for all.

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Food & Safety Equipment

Food processing equipment, food analysis equipment, food safety related goods, etc


Packaging equipment

Food packaging machines and parts, printing equipment for packaging, eco-friendly packaging materials, etc



Processed foods, food materials and additives, beverages/coffee/tea, wine/alcoholic beverages, etc


Hotel & Restaurant Equipment

Tableware, kitchen and dining equipment, kitchen appliances, etc

KOREA Food & Tech Expo In INDIA

India has a large food market worldwide, but the food processing industry is highly dependent on imports.
In the food processing industry market, it is growing at a rate of 15.2% per year by 2025,
and it is growing rapidly due to active investment by the Indian government.
Participants will be provided with various buyers and business experiences through the venue for the business network of this exhibition.