Yashobhoomi Facilities

Yashobhoomi’s convention center is a seven-story building dedicated to convention hosting,
with a grand ballroom of 3,400 square meters and
It has an auditorium that can accommodate up to 6,000 people and 13 small
and medium conference rooms.
Meeting rooms of various sizes can be divided and integrated,
allowing customized meetings and events according to the size and form of the event.
Armed with state-of-the-art technology and luxurious equipment, Yashobhoomi’s conference space is
It will provide innovative and unforgettable experiences for all organizers and participants.
PlaceLocationAREAHorizontal x verticalCapacity (theater type)
Auditorium(Brahmkamal Hall)
B2 – 2th Floor
70 X 46.08m
6000 Seats
Grand Ballroom(Palash Hall)
6th Floor3654㎡
43.5 X 84m
2500 Seats
B101(Amaltas Hall)
B1 Floor1186.38㎡
30.42 X 39m
1014 Seats (*2 splitable)
201(Parijat Hall)
2nd Floor314.55㎡
13.67 X 23.01m
270 Seats
202(Kesar Hall)
13.07 X 14.97m
176 Seats
301(Kumudini Hall)
3rd Floor212.35㎡
10.89 X 19.5m182 Seats
302(Gulmohar Hall)
290.28㎡19.43 X 14.94m249 Seats
303(Javakusum Hall)
142.48㎡13.78 X 10.34m122 Seats
304(Champa Hall)
291.57㎡14.96 X 19.49m250 Seats
305(Neelkamal Hall)
313.95㎡16.01 X 19.05m269 Seats
401(Suryamukhee Hall)
4th Floor140.87㎡11.37 X 12.39m121 Seats
402(Moulshree Hall)
142.23㎡11.48 X 12.39m122 Seats
403(Kaner Hall)
122.22㎡10.76 X 11.36m105 Seats
404(Mogra Hall)
342.80㎡22.93 X 14.95m294 Seats
405(Kadamb Hall)
131.56㎡8.8 X 14.95m113 Seats

Auditorium(Barahmkamal Hall)

Grand Ballroom(Palash Hall)

B101(Amaltas Hall)